Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Kindly note that registering for Mombasa Run implies that you have read and agreed to our Privacy &  Terms. It notes that you are a physically able person with sound health & mind who is participating in this run of their own will and allow us to use any visuals of your participation for use in marketing as well as data in order to contact you. We take no responsibility in any harm caused to you or another individual / property due to your participation.

This Terms & Conditions policy of Mombasa Run (“We”, “Us”, “Our” or “Mombasa Run”) governs the overall terms, conditions and policies for the organization, registration and communication for Mombasa Run event. This delivery policy is incorporated by reference in the “Terms & Conditions”. Should there be any inconsistency between this document and the specific documents for Privacy, Delivery & Refund Policy, the latter will take preference.

Mombasa Run is a flexible / virtual running event being organized in the city of Mombasa. Venues for the event are included (but not limited to) on the website URL for running routes: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/routes . In addition, users may choose to suggest routes to be listed on the website using the Suggest form on the listed page. Please note that the event organizer reserves to right to publish the suggested routes on the website. All suggested routes (through the form) shall be evaluated for feasibility and available data before being published on the website. Registrants may participate at any of the listed venues or venues of their own.

Mombasa Run shall be held over the weekend starting 20th & 21st of November (subject to change). Registrants may participate any time during this weekend. More information about the event and participation can be found on : https://www.ethiopiarun.com/about/

Mombasa Run is a platform to showcase runners and to know more about their achievements & philosophy. These are listed on the website page: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/runners/. We invite other runners and running groups to list their profiles or groups using the Suggest form on the listed page. Please note that the event organizer reserves the right to publish the suggested runners/groups on the website. All suggestions (through the form) shall be evaluated for feasibility and available data before being published on the website. We do not claim responsibility for any of the claims & information displayed by the runners.

One aspect of the Mombasa Run event participation is to run at the event (at venue & schedule of registrant choice). The other aspect is to submit the registrant’s run data. Registrants/Participants may do so using the Submit button on the Leaderboard page. Once the registrant has filled the form associated with the Submit button, their details shall be reviewed by the website administration team for Mombasa Run event and thereafter published for public display. The leaderboard to display all registrant submissions is configured to display the latest entry first. Please note that the order of the leaderboard table is not an indicator of any rankings for the event. Mombasa Run event has no official rankings, it is not a competition. Please note that the event organizer reserves the right to publish the submitted Run/participation data on the website. All submissions shall be evaluated for relevance / format and feasibility before being published on the website.

Water Stations:
Mombasa Run event organizers have been discussing possibilities of water stations at event routes to serve as refreshment centers for participants. The availability and service of these stations shall be reflected on the website page: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/water-stations/ Any and all data pertaining to the water stations can be found on this page.

Mombasa Run event organizers have provided a custom bib maker for registrants that can be used to create bib images for registrants to participate. This page can be viewed at: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/design-your-bib/
Registrants may opt to design the bib using any of the published templates. Please note that any bibs created using the website shall be stored on our server and may be used for event marketing campaigns. Mombasa Run event organizers reserve the right to remove any templates from the listed page and the right to use the bibs (created by users) for marketing purposes.

Mombasa Run event organizers shall be listing our event, venue, media, production and other partners or sponsors on the website page: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/partners . The event organizers reserves the right to publish / withhold publishing for any partners for the event.

Content & Privacy:
Registrants and users to the Mombasa Run event and the Mombasa Run website are advised that any private information they submit to the website (email, phone number) shall be securely accepted and securely store by the website database. We shall share this with our media partner(s) to serve better marketing content to registrants. Please browse our privacy policy for more information (https://www.ethiopiarun.com/privacy-policy/)
Any public contents shared by the registrants and users to the Mombasa Run event and/or the Mombasa Run website (routes, runners, bibs, run submissions, social media posts using Mombasa Run tags: #MombasaRun or @MombasaRun) may be used / published on our website, email marketing, social media or marketing campaigns.
For more details on our privacy policy, please visit: https://www.ethiopiarun.com/privacy-policy/.

Event Registration & Management:
Mombasa Run event organizers reserve the right to update / modify event schedule, registration pricing, applicable routes, listed runners and any other event elements without prior notice. Registrants & users are advised to visit the website to stay updated on the most current status of the event.

For details on our Refund or Delivery Policies, please visit the associated pages:


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